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 +====== About TTG CE3 Client Response Gallery ======
 +TTG CE3 Client Response Gallery facilitates the exchange of information the photographer and client.
 +The gallery employs a Form-to-Email PHP script to collect data from clients, including image selections, image ratings, individual image comments and more. The gallery employs HighSlide JS to allow side-by-side large-size image previews without disrupting form input, and (optionally) also allows clients to download a copy of each image to their own machine. The gallery’s features include:
 +  * Fully responsive design built on modern web technologies for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
 +  * Publish galleries via Lightroom's Publish Services using [[home#ttg_ce3_publisher|TTG CE3 Publisher]].
 +  * Clients select and submit favorite images to photographer; selects are received as a text-based list that can be used in Lightroom's filters to easily isolate images for processing.
 +  * Allow clients to rate images.
 +  * Allow clients to submit comments on images.
 +  * Setup custom options, allowing clients to specify parameters for processing, delivery, etc.
 +  * Form-to-email powered delivery for feedback, using's venerable, powerful and secure PHP script.
 +  * After form submission, clients lands on a custom Thank You page.
 +  * Emails sent to photographer and copied to client.
 +  * Password protect image galleries.
 +  * View large images as a Slideshow, or use the Comparative mode to view multiple images side-by-side.
 +  * Keeps count of image selects in real-time, and offers flexible display features for refining selections.
 +  * Automatic detection of color labeling from the Library module.
 +  * Optional download of hi-res image renditions.
 +  * Every element can be toggled on/off.
 +  * Auto indexing supported by TTG CE3 Pages and TTG CE3 Auto Index.
 +  * Features robust visual customization options as a part of The Turning Gate’s Core Elements 3 (CE3) series of releases.
 +  * Supports extensive user customization via PHPlugins.
 ===== System Requirements ===== ===== System Requirements =====
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