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About TTG CE3 Gallery

TTG CE3 Gallery is the flagship image gallery for the CE3 series of releases. It is successor to our most popular gallery from last generation, TTG CE2 Highslide Gallery, and also to TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery.

When we launched the CE2 series in late 2011, the Photoswipe gallery debuted as an alternative to the perennially popular Highslide gallery. There was a distinct line drawn between the two, and each had its own advantages, Highslide being more robust for desktop browsers and Photoswipe being better-suited to iPads, iPhones and other mobile, touch devices. Over time, however, through continued development and the march of progress, we have blurred the line dividing the two nearly to the point of irrelevance. For CE3, it was a no-brainer to combine the two into a single thing, TTG CE3 Gallery. Just Gallery.

System Requirements

Requires Lightroom 3 or newer.

Hosting Requirements

We recommend hosting on:

  • Apache server
  • Linux OS
  • PHP 5.2.6 or newer

TTG CE3 Gallery exports pages either as HTML or PHP documents, depending on the features you have enabled in your gallery. HTML documents may be viewed locally from your desktop, on any type of web server, or using Lightroom's “Preview in Browser” feature.

Enabling any of the following features will cause you gallery to export as PHP:

  • password protection
  • social networking Open Graph Protocol
  • PHPlugins
  • using the gallery with TTG CE3 Publisher

When exported as PHP, galleries need be viewed in a server environment locally or online, and cannot be viewed from your desktop or using the “Preview in Browser” feature. PHP galleries should be hosted on Linux OS and Apache server with PHP 5.2.6 or newer, as above.

If you need to find new hosting, we heartily recommend Bluehost for reliable, affordable hosting of TTG websites.

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