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About TTG CE3 Pages

TTG CE3 Pages creates the foundation for your photographic website, a healthy environment in which your images and image galleries may thrive. The plugin creates up to six pages – Home, Galleries, Services, Info, About and Contact – and a Thank You page on which visitors land after submitting your contact form. Flexible design options allow you to customize page layout, branding, colors, type, navigation, social networking, and more. Whether you’re building your first photo website or your hundredth, TTG CE3 Pages is the tool you’ve been waiting for to streamline your Lightroom-to-website workflow, and to create a website you can take pride in.

The Pages

The Home page is where visitors first land when arriving at your site. It supports text copy and various gallery layouts for displaying your best imagery as a splash page.

The Galleries page – a.k.a. the Gallery Index – is a self-populating index of your published galleries. It keeps your image galleries organized and accessible, and adding new galleries to your site is as easy as copying them to your web server, no coding necessary. You may add/remove galleries manually via FTP, or via Lightroom's Publish Services using TTG CE3 Publisher.

The Services, Info and About pages are generic pages supporting text copy and an image on each page, and with various options for displaying additional media. Use these pages to provide information about your business, your craft or yourself as an artist.

The Contact page supports same basic features as the generic pages, and also includes a contact form that allows visitors to send you messages, while protecting your email address. The form uses the powerful and secure Form-To-Email PHP script to prevent spambots from harvesting your address.

After submitting a message via your Contact page, visitors will land on your Thank You page, new in CE3.

All pages support text formatting using Markdown syntax and HTML.

System Requirements

TTG CE3 Pages is a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom's Web module, requiring Lightroom 3.0 or greater for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Hosting Requirements

We recommend hosting on:

  • Apache server (recommended)
  • Linux OS (recommended)
  • PHP 5.2.6 or newer (absolutely required)

You may be able to run TTG CE3 Pages on non-Apache/Linux environments, but we do not officially support these platforms. The Galleries page will not run on Windows IIS hosting. If you need to find new hosting, we heartily recommend Bluehost for reliable, affordable hosting of TTG websites.

TTG CE3 Pages exports pages as PHP documents, which require being run on a local or web-based server. You cannot view pages using Lightroom's “Preview In Browser” feature, nor can you run pages in your browser from your desktop.

The TTG CE3 Pages “Contact” page is known NOT to work on Yahoo Hosting, due to restrictions placed on PHP mail() functionality on their servers.

Image Galleries

TTG CE3 Pages is one part of a component system and does not create image galleries, except for gallery support only on the Home page.

You may use other TTG gallery components, such as TTG CE3 Gallery, to create image galleries with which to populate your Galleries page.

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