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 +====== About TTG CE3 Publisher ======
 +**TTG CE3 Publisher** is a plugin for Lightroom's **Publish Services** which allows you to easily manage photos and albums on your server when using supported TTG image galleries, without having to output images through the Web module.
 +Previously, to create a new gallery you would have needed to use the Web module to design and export your gallery, then an FTP client to upload the gallery to your server to be viewed online; you would repeat this process for each gallery to appear on your site. A change to published gallery or galleries – a design change, or the addition of images to or removal of images from the collection – required that you recreate the gallery or galleries in full and upload everything again. In short, making changes to published galleries was a time-consuming chore.
 +TTG CE3 Publisher utilizes Lightroom's Publish Services to change the game. Templates may be created from the Web module, then re-used as needed via the publisher to create any number of galleries; changes made to that one template are immediately pushed to all related galleries. You can publish new images individually or in groups to existing galleries directly from the Library module, or you can remove or reorder images in an existing gallery, all without having to revisit the Web module.
 +All the creative power of TTG, now with greater ease of publishing and managing your images online. TTG CE3 Publisher heralds a new era of Lightroom-to-Web publishing.
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