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About TTG CE3 Stage

TTG CE3 Stage is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the CE3 family, which is to say that it has a variety of tools and may be put to a variety of uses. It includes options for slideshow and video presentations, may be used to create supplemental pages for your CE3-based website, etc. …

Some page types support image management via TTG CE3 Publisher. See additional CE3 Stage documentation for specific details.

System Requirements

Requires Lightroom 3 or newer.

Hosting Requirements

We recommend hosting on:

  • Apache server
  • Linux OS
  • PHP 5.2.6 or newer

TTG CE3 Stage exports galleries/pages as PHP documents. As such, galleries need be viewed in a server environment locally or online, and cannot be viewed from your desktop or using the “Preview in Browser” feature. Content should be hosted on Linux OS and Apache server with PHP 5.2.6 or newer, as above.

If you need to find new hosting, we heartily recommend Bluehost for reliable, affordable hosting of TTG websites.

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