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About TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress

TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress is a plugin for Lightroom's Web module which allows you to customize and output themes for WordPress-based blogs and websites, with a variety of robust content features.

A separate WordPress installation is required to use TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress.

System Requirements

  • Lightroom 3 or newer.

Hosting Requirements

  • WordPress 3.5.2 or newer 1).
  • Linux OS.
  • Apache server.
  • PHP 5.2.6 or newer.

WordPress themes are PHP based and may therefore only be previewed online, running as part of an installed instance of WordPress. TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress does not allow the use of Lightroom's “Preview in Browser” feature.

Because we're purists, we usually recommend doing a manual installation of WordPress. However, you can often automate the WordPress installation through your host, and this is usually okay. If you need to find new hosting, we heartily recommend Bluehost for reliable, affordable hosting of TTG websites.

We do not advocate the use of Jetpack for WordPress. If doing an automated install and given the option, please do not install Jetpack; if you have no choice and Jetpack is installed by default, please disable Jetpack via the WordPress Admin area, under Plugins.

1) CE3 Theme for WordPress was built on WP 3.5.2; it may work on earlier versions, but has not been tested on builds predating 3.5.2
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