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TTG CE3 Viewport Sizer

TTG CE3 Viewport Sizer is a free utility which allows you to measure the size of the Lightroom Web preview in pixels. Useful for testing your galleries' appearance at various display sizes, or when designing Flash galleries for a specific embed size.

TTG CE3 Viewport Sizer has no options. Just load it, resize your Lightroom window until you have achieved the desired dimensions, then either select another web engine from the Layout Style list or Template Browser, or trigger an Undo to return to your previous work.

You can easily effect the size of the preview area by:

  • Pressing the 'F' key repeatedly until you are in Lightroom's windowed view, then resizing the window.
  • Opening, closing or resized UI panels or the filmstrip to occupy more or less of the screen real estate.

After setting your preview area to the desired size, use the 'F' key to easily switch between your full-screen workspace and the smaller, “actual size” view that you've measured.

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