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 +====== Album Info ======
 +Located in the **Color Palette** control pane, the **Album Info** control group is both important and useful.
 +**Album Title** is concatenated into your page ''%%<title>%%'' for search engine optimization, and will be used to identity your album to the auto index, whether using TTG CE3 Auto Index or the TTG CE3 Pages "Galleries" page.
 +**Album Description** may appear in your auto index depending upon your chosen layout. Even when not appearing in your gallery index, though, the information is used to fill the ''%%<meta name="description" ...%%'' elements for (very limited, perhaps useless) search engine optimization, and fills various attributes in the Open Graph Protocol used to identify your gallery to Facebook and Twitter.
 +**Album Thumbnail** is used only by the auto index when you wish to name a specific thumbnail to represent the gallery. You may also leave Album Thumbnail blank, and the auto index will automatically select an image from your gallery. For more information on Album Thumbnail selection or assignment, see the [[album_thumbnails_in_the_auto_index|Auto Index documentation]].
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