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Basic Theme Pack

The Basic Theme Pack includes a handful of basic themes in one handy download. The themes can be used as they are, or as a starting point for your own designs.

Download the Basic Theme Pack ( )

CE3 Asphalt

A mid-grey theme with traffic-yellow highlights, Asphalt hearkens back to the default theme for CE2.

CE3 Coffee

The development of CE3 was fueled in no small part by copious amounts of hand-dripped, black coffee. With the Coffee theme, we pay tribute to our favorite caffeinated beverage.

CE3 Default

Quickly reset your work back to defaults using these convenient Default themes.

CE3 Draumalandid

Classic earth-tones and a masonry-style grid for galleries.

CE3 Eclair

Maybe a bit too rich …

CE3 Halcyon

If you're feeling sentimental …

CE3 Mortar

The Mortar theme is as solid as its name would imply, with bright orange highlights.

CE3 Paper

Simple, strong lines frame your work, while keeping the page design from getting in the way of your images.

CE3 Pop

With trendy pink and green highlights, it could only be Pop.

CE3 Sakura

Cherry blossom pink.

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