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TTG CE3 Cart Changelog

v2.1.3 ( 2013-02-16 )

  • Added support for non-jpeg digital downloads. The downloadable file can now have any extension, e.g., that matches against the thumbnail based on the base filename, e.g. 2014-02-15.
  • Added support for new PayPal-accepted currencies (Brazilian Real, Israeli New Sheqel, Malaysian Ringgit, Mexican Peso, Philippine Peso, Russian Ruble, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira, Taiwan New Dollar)
  • Fixed support for PayPal currencies that do not support decimal places
  • Added wrapping to long filenames, to improve the layout of the purchase dialogue and cart listing pages.
  • Fixed missing “* denotes required fields” message to PayPal confirmation page.
  • Fixed issue with the Cancel buttons of admin pages not functioning in Internet Explorer.

v2.1.2 ( 2013-12-31 )

  • Added the order Download URL to the admin's View Order page. This can be helpful in manually sending the link to customers if needed.
  • Added cart setting to BCC customer order emails to vendor email. This can be helpful in keeping track of the exact emails that customers have received, which can also be used to forward on directly to customers if they are unable to receive the order emails from the cart. This setting defaults to 'no', so requires enabling in the Cart Settings Orders section.
  • Set order emails reply-to address to the vendor email address. This is helpful in the case that the from address is set to something other than the vendor email, such as when sending via Gmail's SMTP.
  • Changed the From Email to always be the vendor's email address
  • Improved encoding of pricing settings, to handle non-latin characters across all product names, attributes and options
  • Fixed an issue where taxes were not being quoted within the cart purchase dialogue before any items had been added to the cart
  • Fixed an issue in viewing products for Guest admin with read-only access

v2.1.1 ( 2013-11-22 )

  • Adds description, product type, download directory, quantity type and base pricing type fields to view-only page of Product details
  • Fixed an issue of custom localisations not taking precedence over default text
  • Added code to ensure that the cart does not output the template when communicating via Ajax
  • Fixed an issue for order update emails being sent for all transactionless orders makes at paid, even if digital downloads were not part of the order
  • Fixed an issue in retrieving products ordered by title that affected some versions of SQLite
  • Fixed automatic update of sales tax upon changing the state in the cart page
  • Attempts to set product type and download directory path for the fixed Digital Download product (see discussion here: )

v2.1.0 ( 2013-11-12 )

  • New function for viewing Orders in the admin console:
    • Filter by order number, customer name or email, order date and status
    • View complete order details in the browser
    • Update the payment status and fulfillment status of orders
    • Guest admin is not able to view customer details
  • Updates to product management:
    • Ability to add more than one Digital Download product.
    • Ability to add attributes and options for Digital Downloads
    • New option to specify that products are for single purchases only. In this case, the quantity is fixed to 1, and the Quantity field is not presented upon purchase.
    • New option to set a single base price for products, rather than requiring a base attribute
  • Updates to purchase dialogue:
    • Added an optional Description field that is displayed under the product name. Supports Markdown formatting.
    • Products are listed in alphabetical order
    • When only one product is available in a pricing scheme, display the product name as text, rather than a dropdown of only one item
    • When only one option is avaialble for an attribute, display the option as text
    • When options are displayed as text, and no amount is set for the option, omit the price of $0 or 0%
    • Purchase dialogue now fades in
  • Digital Purchases can now be made for the Transactionless checkout option. Purchases with a zero price will be available for download immediately. Other purchases will be available for download after orders are marked as paid in the Order Management function.
  • New option to enable Digital Downloads for transactionless checkouts
  • Added shipping method to vendor email
  • Changed cart display to vertically aligned within cells
  • Adding timing code to measure performance
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue where pages would display more than the required content.
    • Fixed issue where disabling Self-Collection did not remove the option from the cart
    • Fixed issue in not clearing config and localisation settings when logging out from admin
    • Fixed issue where Update function would not trigger when admin was already logged in
    • Fixed issue in default text not being read into localisation array
    • Fixed issue for missing product name in determining unique orders
    • Fixed issue in handling maximum shipping prices
    • Fixed issue of editing additional fields creating a new field
    • Fixed issue in displaying cart bar when set to hide Total amount
    • Fixed missing encoding of purchase options when adding item to cart
    • Fixed an issue where double-quotes in pricing options caused options to be truncated when displaying in admin

v2.0.5 ( 2013-10-07 )

  • Added support for sessions to cross www and non-www URLs
  • Added support for absolute URLs in stand-alone purchase buttons
  • Automatically remove slashes that are added for hosts with magic_quotes_gpc enabled
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the cart working in IE 8

v2.0.4 ( 2013-09-26 )

  • Added support for cart-following in non-gallery pages
  • Added support for purchase buttons outside of Galleries, such as for Wordpress, Stage and Pages
  • Added 'View Cart' text to cart status bar
  • Replaced 'Home' link in default template with 'Continue Browsing' link, for customers with an active cart.
  • Fixed error in calculating additional shipping charges with mixed items of a single product
  • Fixed support for [ORDER_NUMBER] in thank you pages
  • Removed duplicate entries in en_US.txt (TEXT_EMAIL and TEXT_AMOUNT)

v2.0.3 Final Release ( 2013-09-03 )

  • Fix for tax calculation immediately after adding a digital purchase
  • Hiding shipping address fields when the cart only holds digital purchases
  • Improved layout for adding and editing additional fields and checkboxes
  • Removed List PHP Modules special link if ENABLE_DEBUG is set to false
  • Removed Guest access from phpliteadmin even when granted view and edit access

v2.0.2 Release Candidate ( 2013-09-01 )

  • Improved purchase dialogue for mobile devices
  • Improved layout of cart buttons
  • Added quick links and special links to admin dashboard
  • Added [ORDER_NUMBER] token support to thank-you pages
  • Added [COMPANY_NAME] and [COMPANY_URL] token support for customer order into and outro text
  • Addition of view-only pages when accessed by Guest with view-only privileges
  • Added dropdown selector for cart language in admin settings
  • Added status message when editing incomplete pricing schemes and shipping methods
  • Moved default cart_data location from within cart to the same level as cart
  • Added special function to move cart_data contents from cart/cart_data to cart_data (for users upgrading from previous versions)
  • Added login of Log-in attempts, and file download attempts
  • Added localisation of “Product” label
  • Added ENABLE_DEBUG item in config/config.php
  • Moved phpinfo link into cart admin
  • Prevented refreshing of pricing schemes in existing carts, that potentially caused product errors
  • Fixed JavaScript handling of pressing enter in cart input fields
  • Moved fallback localisations away from config directory
  • Added checks to prevent direct access to PHP files
  • Cleanup of stylesheets

v2.0.1 BetaR3 (2013-08-27)

  • Added timezone support to settings. Change this so that the date and time in the download expiries reflects your location.
  • Added automated database upgrades. After updating files, login as admin. The database will automatically be updated.
  • Added info text for adding and editing checkboxes and pricing schemes.
  • Restrict view for Guest logins that are configured for viewing only.
  • Added message to inform customers that transactionless checkouts are not available for digital purchases
  • Added future provision for digital purchases to be possible through transactionless checkouts, after payment has been received
  • Changed template setting from input field to dropdown
  • Improved messages for failure to find files to copy on first setup, or failure to find template or HTML files for display
  • Improved interface for adding items to cart in mobile devices. This is now full-screen, and handles device rotation.
  • Added ability to edit the name of the 'Digital Download' product
  • Removed quantity field for digital purchases. This now results in a quantiy of 1, even if the same item is added more than once to the cart.
  • Created work-around for PHP serialize bug that appears in BSD systems
  • Fixed issue that prevented deletion of products on first attempt
  • Fixed handling of tax for digital purchases
  • Fixed popup text links in checkout Terms and Conditions
  • Fixed missing quantity and delete labels in mobile
  • Restored missing file delete_discountband.php
  • Changed localisation function name from () to t() to avoid conflict with Wordpress
  • Refactored code behind drop down lists in settings
  • Replaced Colorbox windows with Magnific

v2.0.0 BetaR2 (2013-08-23)

  • Fix for vendor email check in diagnostics
  • Workaround for PHP bug in serializing objects.
  • Cleaned up styling for customer and admin views
  • Added diagnostic commands, e.g. for phpinfo, to list PHP extensions
  • Removed error suppression on database connections

v2.0.0 Beta (2013-08-21)

  • Initial Release
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