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CE3 Cart Installation

To install the cart:

  1. Unzip the 'cart' directory from the downloaded zip, either within your pages setup, or at the top level of your site.
  2. Add a directory cart_data at the same level as the cart directory. You should then have the following structure:
  3. Grant write access to the cart_data directory, by changing permissions to either 755 or 777, depending upon your host. For more information, see our guide Creating Writable Server-side Directories. This step is not required on Bluehost.
  4. Visit the URL of the cart, e.g. This should create the database and settings files and directories within cart_data, and report that the cart is empty. This indicates that your basic installation is complete.

Further steps:

  1. Set the admin password to something strong in the file cart/config/config.php
  2. Check that you can login at Unless changed, the default login will be admin and ttg8888.
  3. Check whether you can browse the contents of You should receive a permissions error.
  4. Try browsing to You should not be able to view or download this file. If you can, post your hosting details on our forum. We will then provide further assistance on how to secure this directory.
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