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CE3 CRG General Usage Information

Here, a few additional scraps of information that don't necessarily fit into any of the other pages.

TTG CE3 Client Response Gallery shares much of its setup with TTG CE3 Gallery, so you can easily share settings between the two engines using the shared template hack. This can save you a lot of time when designing galleries.

Ideally, clients should wait until the gallery has fully loaded before entering input into the page. This ensures that all of the necessary scripts have loaded in order to process the client's input. It's never caused a problem that I've heard of, but it's worth being aware of. You may wish to make note of this when sending your clients a gallery.

Optionally, you may upgrade the plugin to use the Form-to-Email Pro script. Form-to-Email Pro is a paid version of the form-to-email script which adds support for many advanced features. Full details on how to perform the upgrade are here.

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