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TTG CE3 Publisher Changelog

v1.1.14 ( 2013-09-04 )

  • Fix for watermarks appearing in standard photos when disabled in Publisher settings
  • Addition of File Naming section in Publisher settings

v1.1.13 ( 2013-09-02 )

  • New toggle to control whether watermarks are applied to thumbnails
  • New toggle to control whether watermarks are applied to photos-for-purchase
  • Added slug input field for Album Set creation
  • Filenames are now sanitized for characters that have special meaning to browsers. ?, #, +, & and spaces are replaced with hyphens.
  • Fix for error when logging ID of album when parent album set is not found
  • Fix for issue in removing reference to deleted album in galleries.xml

v1.1.12 ( 2013-08-21 )

  • Support for CE3 Cart photos for purchase (requires templates generated with TTG CE3 Gallery 5.2.0 or newer)
  • Improved Wordpress compatibility for albums and album sets

v1.1.11 ( 2013-08-01 )

  • Improved 'page image' support for social media
  • Improved error messages for file upload issues
  • Batch processing of saving metadata to XML files. This improves performance for publishing of large galleries.
  • Added global $wp_query to prevent WordPress errors.

v1.1.10 ( 2013-05-02 )

  • Support for TTG CE3 Client Response Gallery v5.0.3
  • Fixed an issue in updating map coordinates when re-publishing images
  • Added permission fix support, for sites hosted on Network Solutions

v1.1.9 ( 2013-03-25 )

  • Added support for {NumImages} token that represents the total number of images in an album. Works as a companion to {CellNumber}, for example 'Photo {CellNumber} of {NumImages}'
  • Changed pagination to be more granular: choice of 1 thru 50, 60 to 100 in steps of 10, 100 to 200 in steps of 20, 200 to 500 in steps of 50
  • Cover Image drop-down draws list from thumbnails found in the album at the server, enabling the choice of virtual copies
  • Album cover image selection now lists images found in thumbnail/ directory of album set and child albums/album sets
  • Increased height of Album and Album Set description field to two lines
  • Fixed an issue where embedded-exif data was only including copyright information after the first photo in a publish session
  • Added checks for renditions that result in fileSize of 0, with appropriate messages
  • Fixed issue where template and cover image dropdowns were not being set automatically for new album sets

v1.1.8 ( 2013-03-12 )

  • Support for photo autoload in Photoswipe galleries
  • Change of dialogue titles for consistency with web engines

v1.1.7 ( 2013-03-03 )

  • Fixes an issue when publishing photos that don't contain EXIF metadata
  • Updated for CE3.

v1.1.6 ( 2013-01-31 )

  • Support for Client Response Gallery templates
  • Top-level galleries support subdirectories, e.g. galleries/portfolio/
  • Fixed a bug where publishing photos re-encrypted passwords, preventing passwords from working
  • Fix to list all photos for mobile galleries for albums where pagination is enabled
  • Removed unnecessary initiation of sessions that caused issues for some users

v1.1.5 ( 2013-01-19 )

  • Fix for re-ordering of templates
  • Improved handling of simultaneous publishing of multiple albums
  • Add access locked icon for Auto Index templates
  • Added slug field to album creation dialogue to optionally set alternative slug at album creation

v1.1.4 ( 2013-01-19 )

  • Support for Horizon templates
  • Improved support for Facebook image
  • Templates sorted in alphabetical order in album settings
  • Template features updated dynamically in album settings dialogue when selected template is changed

v1.1.3 ( 2013-01-09 )

  • Handling of custom cover images for Facebook's open graph
  • Fix of current page html tag in page navigation
  • Server-side password encryption

v1.1.2 ( 2013-01-06 )

  • Fix for error in reparenting album sets or changing album set slugs (caused by issue in updating 'Go To Published Album' URLs)
  • Fix for handling Titles starting with '1', that were being interpreted as 'true'
  • Updated pagination nav to be consistent with Highslide pagination (maximum of 5 listed pages to each side of current page)
  • Changed {CellNumber} values to be continuous between pages
  • Changes to metadata now automatically move photos to the re-publish queue
  • Added support for HTML markup in the Content Block
  • Added support for embedded metadata configuration in Publisher settings
  • Changed publishing of thumbnails to only include Copyright info in embedded metadata
  • Reduced amount of data sent back from server when obtaining URLs for Go To Published Album
  • Added support for maps zoom level (requires Highslide 4.2.4 or higher)

v1.1.1 ( 2012-12-23 )

  • support for title that differs from Lightroom album name, allowing punctuation and special characters. Applies to albums and album sets.
  • fix to encode additional illegal characters (% and +) in content block and other fields
  • fix for error in getPublishedRenditions that affects some users
  • changed method of getting filesize that affects some users with Windows servers

v1.1.0 ( 2012-12-21 )

  • added metadata support
  • support for colour labels
  • guest username/password added to album settings
  • split album settings into tab view
  • preserve underscores in slugs
  • added toggle to preserve case in slugs (set in Publisher settings)
  • added toggle to update metadata only (set in Publisher settings)
  • convert spaces to hyphens in photo filenames
  • added quality set per rendition
  • addition of width-height resizing

v1.0.1 ( 2012-11-25 )

  • Added support for Facebook's open graph image. This uses either the cover image thumbnail, if selected, or the first thumbnail found. Requires templates generated with Highslide 4.2.1 or later.
  • Added support for Permalinks. Requires templates generated with Highslide 4.2.1 or later.
  • Fixed an issue where albums could not be added after albums had previously been created and all albums had been removed.
  • Fixed an issue with plugin error handling on connection threw an internal error.
  • Fixed an issue that affected some hosts, where albums deleted in Lightroom would not be fully deleted on the server.
  • Fixed an issue where clashes in slugs would not be detected for nested albums or album sets.
  • Set timezone to UTC for ErrorLogger. This is to circumvent warnings raised on hosts that do not have the PHP Timezone set.

v1.0.0 ( 2012-11-20 )

  • Initial Release
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