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TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress Changelog

v2.1.5 ( in development )

  • Fixed media query discrepancy for the masthead when positioned as background element in multi-level navigation container, which caused the masthead to disappear between screen-widths 992-to-1024-pixels.

v2.1.4 ( 2013-02-19 )

  • Bug fix: Error “Declaration of My_Walker_Nav_Menu::start_lvl()…” when using CE3 Cart.
  • Added rel=“publisher” to Google+ profile link for Google authorship identification.
  • Hacked Photoswipe JS in an attempt to solve various geriatric problems, for Android users in particular.
  • Removed Photoswipe's “Allow User Zoom” option, which has aged poorly.
  • Updated loop.php file with hAtom microformat classes in accordance with the updated specifications from Google.

v2.1.3 ( 2013-11-16 )

  • Added to functions.php, function to tame WordPress' Tag Cloud (limits number and size of tags).
  • Fixed widget padding in tablet view (CSS, .widget box-sizing).
  • Minor styling adjustment to .post-meta class (categories, tags, dateline, etc.).
  • Improved support for social media sharing:
    • Improved button for Email sharing.
    • Twitter buttons now supported in the mobile layout.
    • Updated structure of services' URLs for sharing.
  • Updated core styling for social profile icons.
  • Updated Galleria JS to 1.3.2. Includes:
    • improved animations.
    • improved interaction.
    • improved touch support.
  • Updated Photoswipe implementation.
    • Now running custom version of Photoswipe, designated
    • captionAndToolbarFlipPosition now defaults to true and cannot be changed (UI at the top, caption at the bottom). This is because the lower portion of the screen is no longer an interactive area in iOS7; option removed to prevent users from inadvertently creating a UI conflict between the gallery navigation and Mobile Safari in iOS7.
    • Removed “Switch Caption and Toolbar” (captionAndToolbarFlipPosition) option (see previous bullet point).
    • Implemented workaround for a bug observed in Android 4.3, using Mobile Chrome 30.0.1599.92 which prevented swipe navigation from working in the Photoswipe gallery.
    • Fix for 'fitNoUpscale' on Apple iOS retina displays (Github).
    • Fix for iOS7 GestureEvent detection (Github).
    • Improved mouse and touch event handling (Github).

v2.1.2 ( 2013-10-08)

  • Improved styling of featured posts area.

v2.1.1 ( 2013-10-06 )

  • Fixed CE3 Cart support.
  • Fixed PHP global error throwing warnings into the post loop for some server configurations.
  • Updated logic for determining and setting large image size for images uploaded via the WordPress dashboard.

v2.1.0 ( 2013-10-05 )

  • Cart:
    • Added support for CE3 Cart.
      • “Cart Awareness” allows the status bar to appear on the blog when a visitor has items in their shopping cart, allowing them access to checkout from the blog.
      • “Write-in Button” support, allowing you to code add-to-cart buttons on pages and in posts.
  • Comments:
    • Comments count counts comments, not trackbacks.
    • Image styling in comments list now only applies to Gravatar images (e.g. smileys no longer float right).
    • Improved handling of comments count when comments are closed from the outset, or when comments expire over time.
    • When there are no comments, the “No Responses in …” no longer displays.
  • Core
    • All pages now use the Archive Page sidebar by default, as it seems more likely that people will want a single sidebar enabled by default, rather than 11 or 12 or whatever ridiculous number we're up to by now. Should help you to spend less time in the Theme Options reassigning sidebars to each page.
    • Cleanup of functions.php, and made theme functions “pluggable” [ref] to be more friendly with child themes.
    • Fixed: Description error in the Theme Options helper text.
    • Fixed: Several text strings were not wrapped for localization.
    • The loop.php template is now PHP at plugin source, rather than translated into PHP from Lua. At some point during development, the extra complication become unnecessary, and it should now be easier for me to maintain.
    • Tweaked computed sizes for image uploads to account for page container left/right border-width.
    • Warning thrown into content area when theme folder name contains spaces; spaces are not allowed.
    • Plugin name and version now included in meta:generator tag to better enable us to identify problems when performing tech-support.
    • New template files: page-template-02.php, page-template-03.php, single-template-02.php, single-template-03.php, featured-posts.php.
    • Exported themes now include a /wp-plugins/ folder containing selected plugins; for deployment, move plugins to /wp-content/plugins/ in your WordPress installation and activate from within the WordPress admin area. See “Plugins” below for details.
  • Galleries:
    • Added Next/Previous navigation on image attachment pages.
    • Improved URL filtering to ensure that Photoswipe triggers when it should, and not when it shouldn't.
    • Removed the Autoplay option from Photoswipe config, as it doesn't make much sense within the context of blogging.
    • Support for custom thumbnail sizes.
    • [gallery] shortcode much smarter for determining default “link” type.
    • New [gallery type="galleria"] shortcode for displaying images in a Galleria slideshow.
      • Includes new theme option to enable/disable inclusion of Galleria JS; disable if you have no intention of ever using the [gallery type=“galleria”] shortcode to omit scripts from loading. If disabled, existing [gallery type=“galleria”] shortcodes will fallback on the standard [gallery] shortcode.
      • Includes new theme option to enable/disable insertion of higher-resolution images for HiDPI and Retina displays.
      • Minor changes to UI styling for Galleria slideshow.
    • New [gallery type="stack"] shortcode for displaying vertical, inline image galleries.
      • Use [gallery type="stack" link="none"] to display images without hyperlinks.
      • Use [gallery type="stack" square="fill"] to force square images to occupy the full content-width, rather than half.
  • Lightroom Preview and Plugin UI:
    • Cleanup of the Image Info control pane. When I attempted to cleanup this area in the 2.0.1 update, I missed some stuff; have no removed all irrelevant UI elements. Strictly organizational; this has no functional impact on the plugin.
    • Fixed longstanding error in handling of the “Blog” navigation hyperlink.
    • New Preview Content Type option, “Full Post w/ Grid Gallery” allows you to preview the size and layout of thumbnail cells for embedded grid galleries; Photoswipe-enabled with demo images.
    • New Preview Content Type option, “Galleria Slideshow” allows you to preview and customize Galleria's appearance and behavior within Lightroom.
    • Preview Content Type “Full Post w/ Images” is now Photoswipe-enabled, allowing you to preview the Photoswipe presentation. Images on the page now alternate between two versions so that Photoswipe transitions are more obvious.
    • Post excerpts view now includes a subheading on the first post, so that you can see how subheadings are styled.
    • Ran the included preview JPEGs through JPEGmini to reduce overall size of plugin.
    • Removed the JPG quality, sharpening and watermark controls, as the theme has no need to export image renditions.
    • Styling options for post titles.
    • Styling options for widget titles.
    • Styling options for widget text and hyperlink colors.
  • Language
    • New German localization by Michael Hilgenstock. Set define('WPLANG', 'de_DE'); in wp-config.php to use.
  • Plugins:
    • Added some dedicated styling for the Subscribe2 plugin's widget.
    • Single Post Template plugin included in exported themes, in the /wp-plugins/ folder.
    • Subheading plugin included in exported themes, in the /wp-plugins/ folder.
  • Reading:
    • Fixed: Clickable area for in-post images assigned the 'alignnone' class now limited to the image area.
    • New Featured Posts area for the blog Home page; optional.
      • New options for the Featured Posts area added to Theme Options in WP admin.
    • Support for single post templates, allows alternate layouts for individual posts.
      • Requires Single Post Template plugin, included in exported theme, in /wp-plugins/ folder.
      • To reduce admin clutter, post template select box, page layout options in Theme Options, and sidebars in Widgets will only appear when plugin is activated.
      • When authoring new post, choose from Default (single.php), Single Post Template 02 (single-template-02.php) or Single Post Template 03 (single-template-03.php).
    • Section titles for dated Archive, Categories, Tags and Search Results pages.
  • Scripting:
    • Better Medium-size image replacement for Retina and HiDPI displays.
    • Optimized logic for on-page image replacement for Retina and HiDPI displays.
    • General cleanup of included script files.
    • Scrapped the photoswipe.cfg.js file from the plugin, as it was no longer being used.
  • Styling:
    • scaffolding.min.css now includes gutter_1px, gutter_2px classes.
    • Updated styling for comments.
    • Updated styling for sticky posts.
      • Sticky posts' borders and padding may now be disabled.
    • Zeroed p img.alignnone's “margin-bottom” property to prevent doubled-spacing effect.
  • Writing:
    • Added various alert classes.
    • Added pullout class for writing.
    • Support for post subheadings, allowing secondary titles to be displayed for posts.
      • Requires Subheading plugin, included in exported theme, in /wp-plugins/ folder.
      • Added some subheading styling options to the UI for post titles.
    • The excerpt's trail – ”[…]” – is now hyperlinked to the full post.

v2.0.1 ( 2013-07-29 )

  • Cleanup: Removed contents of the plugin's Image Info control pane, which served no function in the plugin.
  • Improved: Found some holes in the logic that manipulates the position of the post-title in relation to the post's featured image, based on various theme options. Have closed those holes.
  • Improved: Determination of “page image” for purposes of social media.
  • Improved: Normalized inconsistencies in post-title styling based on relative position to the post's featured image.

v2.0.0 ( 2013-07-26 )

  • Public release.
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