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 {{:wiki:wp-content-previews.png?nolink|}} {{:wiki:wp-content-previews.png?nolink|}}
 +These controls allow you to change what is visible in Lightroom's Web preview, so that you can customize various types of content for your theme.
 +**Preview Content Type** \\
 +Changes the Web preview to display various examples of content that might appear on a WordPress blog, such as post excerpts on the blog's front page, a full article view, images in posts, comments threads, etc.
 +**Page Layout** \\
 +Allows you to preview either the one-column or two-column layouts for each view. Preview and configure both views; you are not committing to either a one-column or two-column layout here in Lightroom. The number of columns and their layout can be changed on-the-fly for each page type from within the WordPress admin area, so you'll just want to use these options for design purposes.
 +**Gutters** \\
 +Sets the spacing between the main and sidebar content areas in the two-column layouts.
 +**Primary Content Position** \\
 +In the two-column layouts, allows you to preview the layout with the sidebar on the left or right side. Again, you're not committing to a layout here in Lightroom; this is for preview and design purposes only.
 +**Primary Content Width** \\
 +Sets the width of the main content area in the two-column layouts, with the sidebar taking up the slack. Widths are relative and fluid, so will vary depending on the width of the browser view.
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