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The Content Cascade (Priorities and Overrides)

The Lightroom plugin. The Theme Options. PHPlugins. Three distinct and separate methods of controlling various aspects of your theme. And sometimes they conflict …

In general, the order of priority flows Lightroom > Theme > PHPlugins. Meaning that things setup in Lightroom may be overridden by things set in the Theme Options, may be overridden by PHPlugins.

As an example:

  • You may set an identity plate in Lightroom.
  • Using the Theme Options, you may replace the identity plate from within the WordPress admin area.
  • Using PHPlugins, you may author your own masthead, replacing the identity plate altogether.

Another example:

  • You may setup navigation in Lightroom.
  • From the WordPress admin, you may use the Appearance > Menus area to create and manage navigation. This will replace the navigation you created in Lightroom.
  • You may use PHPlugins to craft custom navigation, replacing the above.

Unless otherwise noted, this order of priorities and overrides applies to all aspects of using TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress.

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