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 +====== Clean Code & Web Standards ======
 +Like you, we are photographers in constant pursuit of light and beauty. We are also passionate about code, and believe good code is light and beautiful.
 +To that end, we strive to write code that is as clean and as standards-compliant as possible. Our plugins are handcrafted, which is to say that we write every line of code by hand and take great pride in what we make.
 +Because our code is 100% authored by human hands and minds, we are able to ensure compatibility across an array of web-browsers and devices, while doing some pretty wild and exciting things. And should you wish to edit the source code of published pages to make your own additions or modifications, you will find it human-readable and relatively easy to work it.
 +The truth is, we're snobs. We take pride in our work, and sloppy code just isn't good enough.
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