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Creating Albums

Albums are creating from within Lightroom's Library module. Under Publish Services, right-click the desired instance of TTG CE3 Publisher and select Create Album from the context menu:

You will be presented with a new dialogue like this one:

Complete fields as necessary; see descriptions below.

Basic Settings

Name (required)
This is the name used for managing the album with Lightroom and will appear in the Publish Services list of albums. If the Title field below is blank, then Name is also used for the page title in the browser. The slug for the gallery is generated from the Name. For eample, if a top-level gallery is named “My Gallery”, then the slug for this gallery will be my-gallery.

Set (optional)
Select which Album Set this gallery belongs to (described in a further page). Set to None for a top-level set.

Title (optional)
Used as the page title in the browser and in the index pages. Leave this blank to use the Name, as entered above. It is recommended to set a Title in the case that you require non-latin characters, which are not allowed in the album name.

Description (optional)
A short description which appears in the gallery index listing for the album (the TTG CE3 Pages “Galleries” page, or in the auto index). Also used as meta description in the head of the gallery, and as the short description for social networking purposes. May or may not impact SEO, depending on Google's mood.

Content Block (optional)
Content displayed in “the block” of your gallery. Only works if the block is enabled for display when creating the template via the Web module. This supports Markdown syntax. On a Mac, new lines can be entered with the key combination of Opt-Enter. On Windows, new lines can only be entered by creating the markdown in a text editor and cutting-and-pasting into the field. Regardless, it's probably easier to write in a text-editor, then copy-and-paste your content into Lightroom.

Template (required)
This drop list will populate automatically to reflect any templates you have uploaded to the /publisher/templates/ directory online. Select whichever template you'd like the gallery to use.

Cover Image (optional)
The method for selecting an image to be used in the album's gallery index listing, or the thumbnail itself.

  • Set to Random to randomly choose a thumbnail from the published images.
  • Set to Custom to randomly draw from thumbnails manually uploaded to the /custom_thumbnails/ directory within an album.
  • Set to thumbnail.jpg to use a manually uploaded file thumbnail.jpg within the album's /thumbnails/ directory.
  • After publishing photos, all published photos will also be added to the list for selection.

Items per page
Select “All in one page”, or set the number of images to appear on each page. Image overflow will automatically be moved to subsequent pages as necessary and pagination controls will appear as designed in the Web module during template creation. Not all image galleries support pagination.


Additional, optional features are available under the Features tab. These include the following:

Enable maps
Available for selection if maps were configured with the template.

Enable password
Available for selection if password protection was configured with the template. When enabled, you will be able to enter a Guest username and password specific to the album.

Master credentials are set within the template and cannot be edited on a per album basis by TTG CE3 Publisher.

Enable Cart
Available for selection if the cart was configured with the template.

Cart pricing profile
The default profile name to be used with the cart. Only available if the cart was configured within the template and 'Enable cart' selected above.

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