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Advanced Feedback Features in Client Response Gallery

In addition to image selects, the Client Response Gallery includes features for receiving additional feedback from clients. The setup for these features is at the bottom of the Appearance control pane, beginning here:

When enabled, the Feedback icon will appear on the thumbnail grid, in the bottom-right corner of thumbnails:

Clicking the icon will launch the feedback panel for the given image:

Note that feedback features are only available on desktop, not on tablet or mobile.

The features breakdown as follows:

Thumbnail and Metadata

The first section of the feedback panel is mandatory when feedback features are enabled. The thumbnail acts as a reference for the client, so they can visually confirm the image for which they are leaving feedback. All metadata is optional; labels are configuration with the feedback options, while metadata is sourced from the Image Info control pane in the usual fashion for web galleries. You may include up to six pieces of metadata; the third metadata slot accepts two metadata sources, the intended purpose being the defaults of Date and Time.


Users may submit a rating value from 1 (low) to 5 (high).

Images of like rating will be grouped into a comma-separated list when received via email, making them easy to filter in the Lightroom catalog.

Custom Options

Up to 14 custom options may be setup as checkboxes, allowing clients to specify delivery parameters for other information. In the image above, you can see these options used for file type, color space and delivery resolution.

Each option will be received as a comma-separated list of file names for easy filtering in the Lightroom catalog.


The final component is a free-type comment box where clients may write whatever feedback for a specific image.

When received in the gallery email, each image with a comment will be identified by file name, with the associated comment.

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