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 +====== Footer ======
 +The footer appears at the bottom of your page, after all of your content. It's a good place to write a copyright notice, or any other fine-print that you may need to communicate to visitors.
 +The footer adheres to the same box model as every other element on the page in regard to setting its width, borders, etc. No surprises here.
 +The "Wear Concrete Shoes" option will cause the footer to sink to the bottom of the browser window, even when there may not be enough content to push it there naturally. Disabling this option will cause the footer to float up, coming to rest at the base of your lowermost content.
 +The **Back to Top Label** allows you to set the text for the "Back to Top" link; when clicked, this link will scroll the visitor back to the top of your page and allows them to easily access the page navigation. In CE3, we no longer support duplicating the full navigation menu in the footer as in CE2, as it creates a bit of a mess for responsive design.
 +The **Copyright/Attribution** field is where you should write you copyright notice and anything else you wish to say in your footer. Markdown syntax is supported here.
 +The **Powered by TTG** option links your page back to our site. It helps us out, but we fully understand if you want to remove it. Just disable the checkbox.
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