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General Usage Tips

In general, TTG CE3 Publisher and Lightroom's Publish Services can easily be tripped-up. Below are some tips to help ensure that albums and photos remain consistent between Lightroom and the destination server:

  • Only publish to a server instance from one instance of Lightroom. Lightroom publishing is a one-way process, and the albums can not be created within Lightroom from albums created on the server from another PC.
  • Do not manually delete files under /galleries/ or your chosen publishing target. Let the Publisher manage these in all respects – adding, updating, deleting of photos, albums and album sets. If you must delete items manually from your server, then all contents under galleries should be removed, and all albums/album sets removed within Lightroom.
  • Should publishing fail part-way through, a gallery can remain in an inconsistent state, for example including items that do not have all required renditions such as broken thumbnails. The best solution is to click Publish until all images are published. After this is complete Publisher will attempt to clean up any partly-uploaded entries.
  • A given website should only be published to from a single Lightroom catalog. One catalog can not see another's published collections, in a similar way to trying to publish to the one website from two copies of Lightroom.
  • After changing settings in the Publisher settings, Lightroom will prompt you to republish all galleries. It is usually best to click Leave As-Is and re-publish galleries manually as needed.
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