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Google Maps in CE3 Galleries

Whether you're an avid traveller or just creating a walking tour gallery of your local attractions, you may have cause to display map data in your image gallery.

In times past, you would have needed a special GPS module for your camera to capture geolocation data. Nowadays, things are much easier. You can use the iPhone app Geotag Photos Pro to capture a GPX log, then time-sync your locations to your photos later. Or you can drag-and-drop your photos manually onto a map using Lightroom 4's new Map module.

However you do it, if your images have geolocation data within their metadata, you can use CE3 galleries to display image locations on Google Maps.

When enabled, images with geolocation data will get a new icon:

Clicking this icon will launch Google Maps in a new window, displaying the location of the image.

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