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 ====== Google Maps in CE3 Galleries ====== ====== Google Maps in CE3 Galleries ======
 +Whether you're an avid traveller or just creating a walking tour gallery of your local attractions, you may have cause to display map data in your image gallery.
 +In times past, you would have needed a special GPS module for your camera to capture geolocation data. Nowadays, things are much easier. You can [[|use the iPhone app Geotag Photos Pro]] to capture a GPX log, then time-sync your locations to your photos later. Or you can drag-and-drop your photos manually onto a map using Lightroom 4's new Map module.
 +However you do it, if your images have geolocation data within their metadata, you can use CE3 galleries to display image locations on Google Maps.
 +When enabled, images with geolocation data will get a new icon:
 +Clicking this icon will launch Google Maps in a new window, displaying the location of the image.
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