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Grid Icons

The CE3 gallery supports a variety of features which appear with your images as icons. These include image downloads, permalinks, add-to-cart buttons, color labels, Google Maps integration, etc.

Icons in CE3 galleries are almost entirely font-based, not graphic-based. This reduces gallery overhead, and also gives you complete control over the foreground and background colors of your icons. You can change those colors using the controls depicted below:

Otherwise, each icon/feature that may appear in your gallery is enabled or disabled individually from its own control set.

In Highslide gallery styles, icons will appear both on the thumbnail grid and in the large image view. For the Photoswipe gallery style, icons will only appear on the grid (Photoswipe does not support additional UI elements within the large image view).

A fully loaded thumbnail in the gallery grid:

Icons appearing in Highslide's large image view:

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