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Image Captions & Metadata Display

The Web module is capable of using image metadata from your Library and displaying it at various outlets in your gallery. The CE3 framework utilizes this functionality in a variety of ways, explained below.

the Image Info control pane

The Image Info control pane is used to establish metadata sources and format for each outlet in the gallery. This works only for traditional export-and-upload publishing methods, and not when using CE3 Publisher.

To enable a metadata outlet, tick its checkbox. You may then use the drop-list on the right to set a predefined source, or use the “Edit…” option to customize your source. For example, “Edit…” allows you to combine multiple metadata sources, insert separators, etc.

Metadata Setup for CE3 Publisher

When creating templates for use with the CE3 Publisher, you must setup metadata in the Output Settings control pane, under the Publisher options. In general, the Publisher metadata setup should mirror your settings in the Image Info control pane:

For more information, see the CE3 Publisher documentation.

Displaying Metadata

Beyond setting up your metadata sources, you have control over many aspects of how and where metadata should be used in your page.

Image Captions and Titles

There are two metadata outlets for large images. How these outlets are displayed will depend upon which presentation type you have selected, Highslide or Photoswipe. The two important metadata sources in the Image Info control pane are:

Large Image Caption / img alt=
Displayed as the image caption, also fills the alt attribute for each large image.

Large Image Title / img title=
Displayed as the image heading/title, also fills the title attribute for each large image.

In Highslide, the heading and caption are separated, the heading appearing above the large image and the caption below:

In Photoswipe, the there is only one location for such metadata:

Here, the “Concatenate Heading + Caption Where Appropriate” option comes into play:

This option is located in the presentation setup, in the Appearance pane.

  • If enabled, the heading and caption will be combine wherever appropriate, such as when both Heading and Caption are enabled with the Photoswipe presentation type.
  • If disabled, only the caption will be displayed.

This setting also impacts source code in areas where there may be an effect on SEO. If in doubt, leave the option enabled by default.


This is important:

  • You may use quotation marks in Highslide titles and captions, but not in Photoswipe.
  • You may use HTML in Highslide titles and captions, but not in Photoswipe.

Even when choosing Highslide as your presentation method, remember that the mobile gallery will always use Photoswipe. Therefore, captions which may appear as good in your Highslide gallery, may break your mobile gallery.

You can always switch temporarily from Highslide to Photoswipe to preview how your captions transition between presentation types. It's best to use captions that will work properly in both, so best to avoid quotation marks and HTML in captions.

Displaying Metadata on the Thumbnail Grid

It is possible to display metadata for each image on the thumbnail grid. To do this, enabled Metadata 1 and/or Metadata 2 in the Image Info control pane.

When enabled, metadata will display beneath thumbnails, for example:

Metadata 1 will appear above Metadata 2.

You may customize the appearance of metadata using the Metadata Display options in the Appearance pane.

You may also use these features to display cell numbers on each image, by using the Image Info pane to display sequence numbers for images.

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