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Important Files and Folders

It's important that you take care to preserve the contents of the following files and folders.


This directory stores all the data specific to your cart setup, including configuration, pricing and customer orders. You should never remove or replace this directory, unless you plan on starting afresh with a clean setup. It is advisable to keep a backup of this directory on a computer other than your host.

cart_data/cart.sq3 and cart_data/orders.sq3

These files hold the data for your cart setup, configuration and pricing, and customer orders.


A directory that stores backups of the cart and orders database files, which are created during upgrades of your cart installation. For advice on restoring your cart's database from these files, please contact us on the forum (


This file holds your admin login details. If you replace this file as part of a cart upgrade, make sure to update your login details.


This directory holds localisation information. If you have added your own language files, or updated the default files, make sure to keep copies of these or to not overwrite them during cart upgrade.


This directory holds any templates that you have created. If you have created your own templates, make sure not to overwrite this directory during cart upgrade.

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