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Managing Discounts

TTG CE3 Cart supports two types of discounts, Discount Banding and Discount Codes.

Discount Bands

Discount bands are configurations of discounts applied to cart total before taxes and shipping has been applied. Bands are specified with amounts, being the minimum amount before a band applies, and a percentage. Discounts may be configured by clicking Discount Bands under Pricing.


Discount Band 1

Amount: $100, Percentage: 10%

Discount Band 2

Amount: $200, Percentage: 20%

Discount Band 3

Amount: $300, Percentage: 20%

With the above discount bands, the customer would receive a 10% price break for orders of $100 or more, a 20% price break for orders exceeding $200, and a 30% discount for orders exceeding $300.

Discount Codes

Discount codes are codes that can be given to customers to receive a percentage discount on the total before taxes and shipping. Discounts may be configured within the settings.php file, under the section labeled “DISCOUNT CODES”.

Two required parameters below are 'code', which can be anything, for example 'newyearpromo', and percentage, the discount to be given. Codes can also be given an expiry, in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2012-12-31. Dates must be valid, e.g. not 2011-02-30 (a past date).


discountcode=code=THECODE|percentage=10 discountcode=code=THEBIGCODE|percentage=20|expiry=2011-08-17

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