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Masonry Layout

In a masonry-style layout, grid cells need not be the same height and images will rearrange themselves to fill empty space, like stones laid into a wall. It's a slick, modern effect. The masonry implementation in CE3 supports all of the gallery's accessory features, including Google Maps integration, hi-res image download, exif and metadata display, color labels, e-commerce features, etc., making it an excellent alternative to the CE3 Standard and Iconic layouts. However, because masonry relies on Javascript for its layout, it may not be the ideal choice for relatively large galleries which load many images into a single page. Otherwise, the masonry layout is an excellent choice to minimize wasted space.

To ensure your thumbnails fill the full width of each column, you will probably want to crank the Thumbnail Height slider to maximum, then use the Thumbnail Width slider to constrain thumbnail size. Tap the Quality slider when you've set your numbers to force Lightroom to render the changed images.

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