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Modifying Existing Albums

There are two broad categorizations of modifications which can by made to an existing album:

  • modifying album settings
  • modifying album content, images within the album.

Modifying Album Settings

To change the settings of an existing album, double-click the album in the Publish Services list. This will call up the same Create Album dialogue you will have seen when originally creating the album, and in which you may make changes to the album's settings.

There is one way that returning to the Create Album dialogue will differ from the first time you were here. Coming back to the dialogue after publishing images, the Cover Image list will now be populated with a list of previously published images, allowing you to select a specific to represent the album in the gallery index (the TTG CE3 Pages “Galleries” page, or in your targeted auto index).

This is important:

Any changes made to an album will be immediately reflecting in the online album upon clicking “Edit” to exit the dialogue. There is no need to re-publish the album to push changes.

The only exception is if you change the gallery template and the new template requires different image renditions or has a different metadata setup. In such a case, you should re-publish to push new image renditions and/or metadata to the gallery.

Modifying Published Images

Situations in which the content of the album will be changed are:

  • adding new images to the album
  • changes made to previously published images, such as develop settings or metadata changes
  • reordering images within the album
  • removing previously published images from the album

When a photo previously published is altered, it will move from the “Published Photos” list to the list “Modified Photos to Re-Publish”. A photo can be forced onto this list by selecting it, right-clicking the image and choosing Mark to Republish from the context menu.

Images in the “Modified Photos to Re-Publish” list will be updated on the server when the Publish button is clicked.

When re-publishing images, be mindful of the “Push metadata without updating existing photos” option in the setup of the TTG CE3 Publisher instance. When enabled, images will be published to the server only if:

  • they had not previously been published to the server
  • a new rendition type is required after changing templates, if such rendition did not exist for the previous template

Therefore, in order for images to be re-published with visual changes – new develop settings, watermarking, etc. – you will need to ensure that the “Push metadata without updating existing photos” option is disabled in the publisher setup.

The reason to enable this setting is that it makes album updates much, much faster when changes do not require the creation or the upload of new image renditions for existing images.

Changing the Photo Order

The photo order in a published gallery may be changed as follows:

  1. When viewing the collection, set sort order to “User Order” in the toolbar at the bottom of the collection. If the toolbar is hidden, you may toggle it on/off by pressing the 'T' key.
  2. Drag-and-drop photos within the collection to reorder images. Make sure to grab the photo rather than the border surrounding it.

The new photo order will only take effect after the new publish action. If you have no new photos to publish, you can force a new publishing action by marking a single image to be re-published. Right-click the image, “Mark to Re-Publish”, then press the Publish button at the top of the collection.

Note that “User Order” is not available for Smart Albums. This is a limitation of Lightroom, not of TTG CE3 Publisher.

Removing Published Photos

To remove photos from an album, select the images to be removed and press the Delete key; or right-click the selected images and choose “Remove from Collection” in the context menu. The selected images will be queued for removal. Press the Publish button to effect the change.

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