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On Web Publishing via Lightroom

Our goal and motivation at The Turning Gate is to enable photographers to easily create and maintain professional websites.

Adobe did not design Lightroom with the intent that it should become a platform for professional web-development. And in some ways Lightroom is ill suited to the task. But to imagine that the Web module should only be used to create one-off, standalone image galleries is incredibly shortsighted, and immediately diminishes both the value and the potential of the application.

Direct Lightroom-to-Web publishing allows the photographer the authority and the autonomy to maintain their own online identity, portfolio, sales portal, etc. And to do so on their own time and in their own way, as an extension of their existing photographic workflow.

How many photographers' websites have you seen over the years that are languishing with inactivity? These are the breeding grounds of lost opportunities. And I don't think that any photographer makes the effort to create a website with the intent that it should thereafter be abandoned. It happens because the photographer lacks the tools or the know-how to keep up with the site, and because they don't want to bother their webmaster to upload an image here, an image there, or because their webmaster eventually just disappears …

An up-to-date, professional website will help your business; an out-of-date, dead-in-the-water website will hurt it. And if you can tie your site into the way that you do business – for client proofing, selling your images, or just keeping your online portfolio current so that you can spread it around – then your site will be working for you and making you look all the more professional.

At The Turning Gate, we create the tools and the framework which enable you – dear photographer and Lightroom user – to create your site and to maintain it, to leverage your site to do better business. And with CE3, we're giving you our best tools yet to make that job easier than ever.

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