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"Publisher Enhanced" Image Galleries

TTG CE3 Publisher provides us a new context for image galleries, one that allows us to overcome certain limitations of publishing through Lightroom's Web module, or which might not be applicable within the context of exporting and uploading individual image galleries without some sort of glue – the publisher – holding them all together. Extra capabilities that TTG CE3 Publisher bestows upon image galleries are “publisher enhancements”, and we expect to grow the list of enhanced features as we move forward.

This is what we've got so far:

Paginated Mobile Galleries

Lightroom's Web module is limited in that it can only paginate the main gallery page, not a separate mobile gallery. As a result, all images appear in the mobile gallery on a single page. For large image galleries, this can be problematic.

Publishing galleries with TTG CE3 Publisher, both the main and mobile image galleries may be paginated.

When using TTG CE3 Gallery to create Highslide-style image galleries with the permalink feature enabled, TTG CE3 Publisher allows permalinks to open the specified gallery page and image on mobile, even after the mobile redirect.

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