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 ''%%define('API_KEY', 'apple12');%%'' \\ ''%%define('API_KEY', 'apple12');%%'' \\
-\\ **Be Careful:** Some text editors will convert single quotes to angled quotes.  Make sure the quotes around your API_KEY are verticale.g. %%'password'%% and not angled, e.g. %%‘password’%%+\\  
 +**NOTE for Mac users: ** TextEdit for Mac by default converts straight quotes to angled quotes, which breaks the Publisher.  This can be solved by either using a different editor, or changing this behaviour in the TextEdit settings: 
 +  - Click the TextEdit menu itemfollowed by Preferences 
 +  - Unselect the 'Smart Quotesoption towards the bottom of the window 
 +  - Restart TextEdit
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