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TTG CE3 Publisher Quick Install Guide

The following is a quick-start guide to getting the publisher installed and running. For more details, see the full install guide.


  • Unzip the downloadable package; you will have a /publisher/ folder and a TTG-CE3-Publisher.lrplugin package.
  • Edit the /publisher/api/config.php file and set a strong API_KEY by substituting 'ttg8888' with your own password, e.g. 'apple12' (please don't use 'apple12' though!). Save the file.

NOTE for Mac users: TextEdit for Mac by default converts straight quotes to angled quotes, which breaks the Publisher. This can be solved by either using a different editor, or changing this behaviour in the TextEdit settings:

  1. Click the TextEdit menu item, followed by Preferences
  2. Unselect the 'Smart Quotes' option towards the bottom of the window
  3. Restart TextEdit

Web Setup

  • Upload the /publisher/ folder to the root of your website (The top-level of your site can often be found within the public_html directory when you FTP into your site, however the exact location is specific to your host and your own setup).
    • If using TTG CE3 Pages, then /publisher/ folder should be installed into the same location as your TTG CE3 Pages assets.
  • Change permissions on your target folder to 777 or 755, depending on host.
    • If using TTG CE3 Pages, then the target folder will be your /galleries/ folder.
    • If using TTG CE3 Auto Index, then choose an auto index folder as your target.
    • If not using TTG CE3 Pages or TTG CE3 Auto Index, then create an empty folder to which your galleries will be published.
  • Use a supported gallery plugin to create a gallery template. Export from Lightroom's Web module, then upload the exported gallery to /publisher/templates/.

Lightroom Publisher Setup

  • Move the TTG-CE3-Publisher.lrplugin package to a location on your computer for safe keeping.
  • Within Lightroom, access the File menu and select Plug-in Manager.
  • Click Add, navigate to the TTG-CE3-Publisher.lrplugin file and click Add Plug-in.
  • Click Done to exit the Plug-in Manager.
  • Under Publish Services in the Library's left control panel, double-click TTG CE3 Publisher.
  • Set the API URL and API Key. The API URL looks like The API Key is the password as entered in config.php above.
  • Click Check Authentication to check that the publisher can be found and authenticated successfully.
  • Click Save.


  • Create an album by right-clicking TTG-CE3-Publisher under Publish Services and selecting Create Album.
  • Complete the details and click Create.
  • Add photos to the album by dragging them from your Library onto the album title in the Publish Services list.
  • Publish the photos by clicking on the album name under Publish Services, and clicking Publish at the top of the window.
  • After the photos are uploaded, visit the album by right-clicked the album title and selecting Go To Published Collection from the context menu.
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