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Upgrading to a Newer Version of TTG CE3 Publisher

Updates to TTG CE3 Publisher will be released as we continue to develop the plugin. Updates may need to be applied to either the server code, the Lightroom plugin, or both. When detailing updates, we will try to be mindful of informing you which components require updating. When in doubt, update both. These are the steps to follow:

Upgrading the Server-side Component

To upgrade to code on the server, extract the files from the downloaded zip file, and replace the files online in /publisher/api/lib/ with the newer /publisher/api/lib/ files included in the package.

If you choose to replace the entire /publisher/ folder, make sure to preserve your existing /templates/ and /templates_autoindex/ folders – backup the folders, then restore them after updating the publisher online.

Upgrading the Lightroom Component

  1. Locate the installed TTG-CE3-Publisher.lrplugin package on your drive.
  2. Overwrite the existing file with the new one.
  3. Within Lightroom, choose the File menu and select Plug-in Manager.
  4. Select TTG CE3 Publisher from the lefthand side of the Plug-in Manager.
  5. Click Reload Plug-in.

Update Existing Galleries

Depending upon the nature of the updates, you may or may not need to re-publish your existing images, metadata or both. We will endeavour to include guidance on gallery updates in release notes.

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