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 +====== Publishing Images to the Web ======
 +The gist of publishing images via TTG CE3 Publisher and Lightroom's Publish Services is this:
 +  * Add photos to collection.
 +  * Select collection.
 +  * Click **Publish**.
 +  * Kick back, sip wine and let publishing happen.
 +There are a number of ways to add images to a collection, or album. First, [[creating_albums|create an album]].
 +Once created, the easiest way to add images to an album is to drag them from your Library onto the album title in the Publish Services list.
 +Another method is to right-click the target album in Publish Services, then select "Set As Target Collection" from the context menu. Following this, any photos in your library can be added by either right-clicking the image or group of images and selecting "Add to Target Collection", or by selecting images and pressing the 'B' key.
 +After adding images to the album, to publish:
 +  - Click on the album in Publish Services.
 +  - Click the **Publish** button at the top of the collection.
 +The publisher will grind through the images in your collection one-by-one, creating and uploading the necessary renditions for your gallery. Typically this will be a large rendition of the photo and a thumbnail.
 +In necessary, the publisher will make multiple attempts to upload each photo. If for any reason the upload process should fail, you will only need to publish those images in the collection which failed to upload during the previous attempt.
 +After the collection has finished uploading, the resulting gallery may be launching in your browser, depending on whether you have enabled the "Show albums in browser after publishing" option during Publisher setup. You may also access a published album directly by right-clicking the album in Publish Services and selecting "Go to Published Album" from the context menu.
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