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Reloading Lightroom's Preview

Core Elements 3 engines support manual reload of the page preview, meaning that to see changes made to configuration options, users must trigger a reload of the preview manually. Lightroom will not do it for you.

We use manual reload to speed up the process of working through the Web module. Rather than waiting for the preview to update after every change, every miniscule nudge of a slider, you can adjust multiple items and reload them all at once when you're ready to view the update(s).

There are several ways to enact a reload.

Go through the menu

You may enact a page reload by selecting “Reload” from the Web menu:

Use the keyboard shortcut

On LR/Mac, press CMD-R to incite a reload.

On LR/Win, press CTRL-R to force reload.

Click the Reload notice

In the bottom-right corner of the preview, CE3 engines provide this friendly reminder of how to refresh the preview with changes. Clicking directly on this notice will trigger a page reload using Javascript.

You can make the button smaller by enabling the “Small Reload Button” checkbox at the top of the Site Info control pane.

Other Actions Triggering Reload

A few other actions will also trigger Lightroom to reload the preview.

  • Adjusting the JPG Quality slider will trigger a preview reload as Lightroom generates new image renditions.
  • When Use: Selected Images is set in the toolbar, adding or removing selections in the filmstrip will trigger reload as Lightroom updates the images in use.
  • Exiting and returning to the Web module will cause the preview to load anew.
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