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Saving Web Galleries

When you save web gallery settings as a web collection, you can add new photos to the collection and they automatically include the web settings. This is different from custom templates, which include the output options but no photos. A web collection applies the web settings to the photos in the collection.

Collections or Templates?

Web collections and custom web templates overlap in purpose, but have distinct differences.

Templates include the output options but no photos, and may be applied to new collections as a starting point when publishing new galleries. Templates may be exported and imported as portable files, making them well-suited for backup of designs.

A collection is a group of photos with output options applied. You can add or remove photos, but you cannot apply the output options to another collection without first saving a template. Collections and any output options therein exist only within your catalog.

  1. In the Library module, select the photos for the web photo gallery.
  2. In the Web module, select a template. Specify the settings you want in the Site Info, Color Palette, Appearance, Image Info, Output Settings, and Upload Settings panels.
  3. In the Filmstrip, select the photos to include them in web collection.
  4. Click the Plus icon (+) in the Collections panel and choose Create Web Gallery.
  5. Type a name for your web collection in the Create Web Gallery dialog box. Choose a collection set from the Set pop-up menu to add the collection to an existing set, or choose None.
  6. Under Web Gallery Options, select Include Selected Photos. Select Make New Virtual Copies if you want the collection to include virtual copies instead of the original photos.
  7. Click Create.

For more information on saving web collections, see the Adobe Help page for Lightroom 4, Save web settings as a web collection.

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