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 ===== Googlize Your Site ===== ===== Googlize Your Site =====
-Google isn't the only search engine, but it's still the most popular.+Google isn't the only search engine, but it's still the most popular. And there's no better way to tell Google you're out there than to get all up in its face and tell it you're out there. 
 +"How do we do that?!" you ask. And I'm glad you asked. 
 +For starters, sign up for [[|Google Analytics]] and then tie the service into your CE3 site: 
 +Or take things further and set your domain up with [[|Google Apps]]. There's a free version, so it's ... you know ... //free//. A part of the setup process will be to verify your domain with Google, which helps to ensure that Google knows you exist. 
 +And for extra credit, you can generate a Sitemap! ([[|about site maps]]) 
 +You can often find online utilities to automate this process for you, like [[|this one]]. 
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