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Setting Up a Workspace

Of course, larger displays are preferable when working in Lightroom, as the application lends itself better to larger workspaces. When using CE3 plugins in Lightroom, you will find the optimal experience on displays 1440-pixels (a 13” Macbook Air) or wider.

On my 17-inch Macbook Pro, 1920-pixels wide, my workspace looks like this, with the left panel collapsed and the right panel pulled to its full 360-pixel width:

If you should find your controls to be cutoff, like this:

… then hover your mouse around the left edge of the panel until the cursor changes to a resize symbol, then click and drag the panel to its full width of 360-pixels, like this:

At this point, you will meet with one of two potential outcomes:

  1. Everything is just fine, or
  2. The preview totally freaks out, gets all jittery, jumpy and flickery.

The latter situation should only occur if you're on a very small display, such as the 13-inch Macbook Air at 1440-pixels wide. The reason is that the Web module's preview browser pops in a scrollbar and can't decide whether to measure it as a part of the browser window, or not. And on the 1440-pixel display, the 16-pixels-wide scrollbar puts the total preview width right at the breakpoint at which the page attempts to reflow for iPad – without the scrollbar, you're in desktop mode; with the scrollbar, you're in iPad mode. And because the preview's browser can't decide whether or not to measure the scrollbar, it just flips out instead.

« Pictured left, Lightroom 4's ugly, stupid APE scrollbar. Sixteen whole pixels of pain-in-my-ass.

Rest assured, this is only an issue within Lightroom, not in real web-browsers. Also, it's easy to remedy. The lefthand control panel at full width is 360-pixels wide; take it back to 350-pixels and the problem will disappear. The controls in CE3 are optimized at 350-pixels-wide for just this reason.

You can easily and accurately shave off those 10-pixels using TTG CE3 Viewport Sizer! Here's how:

With the control panel fully extended to 360-pixels, load TTG CE3 Viewport Sizer and you should see something like the first image on the left.

Now gently reduce the size of the lefthand controls until the width measurement shows a difference of exactly 10-pixels, as shown in the second image.

This 10-pixel difference is subtle, but – if you have the preview jitters – very important. You are now at the optimal workspace size! Switch back to the CE3 plugin you were working with before – an Undo command will probably do it for you – and you should find the jitters to be no more!

For more information on setting up your workspace, see the article Using the Viewport Sizer to Setup an Optimal Workspace.

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