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Sharing Common Resources

The acronym “CE3” stands for “Core Elements 3”, with the implication that all members of the CE3 family do share some core elements, or resources, in common. Each CE3 plugin is fully self-contained and capable of being used in standalone fashion, but when combining CE3 components into a larger website greater performance can be had by sharing a single set of common resources. In prior versions of TTG plugins this meant jumping through a lot of firey hoops, but in CE3 sharing common resources has been made easy.

TTG CE3 Pages is capable of acting as a repository for common resources, serving a single copy of your identity plate, and shared stylesheets and scripts to all of your pages and galleries. Setup is easy!

1. TTG CE3 Pages should be the base for your site.

2. Correctly fill in the site root when setting up each of your plugins. This is done in the Site Info control pane:

3. In the Output Settings pane, enabled the checkbox “Get shared resources from TTG CE3 Pages”.

Optionally, you can also load the latest jQuery from the CDN repository, rather than using a local copy of the library. Entirely up to you whether to do this; I have no recommendation one way or the other. Option has been removed.

Keeping Pages Up-to-date

Because TTG CE3 Pages is serving as a resource repository, it is extremely important that TTG CE3 Pages be kept up-to-date with the latest version. For example, if using a newer version of TTG CE3 Stage, sharing resources with an older version of TTG CE3 Pages, then the Pages repository may be missing required files that Stage needs to run.

Therefore, when updating plugins:

  • Always update to the latest CE3 Pages first;
  • Always use the version of CE3 Pages which is concurrent with the other plugins you're using.

Troubleshooting: Missing Styling for Pages and Galleries

If you should find that your pages and/or galleries are missing styling when published online – white background, no formatting, etc. – then both of the following are true:

  • You have enabled Shared Resources.
  • You have supplied an incorrect address for Site Root.

To fix, fill in the correct Site Root for your website.

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