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Slideshow Tracking

Slideshow Tracking is a brand new feature in the CE3 gallery. When enabled, the gallery will keep track of the visitor's movements as they browse images in the gallery. When the slideshow (large image view) is closed, the gallery page will scroll to the last image viewed and will tag the image with an icon to mark it, as if to say, “Hey, you left off here!” It's a great way to prevent visitors from becoming lost in your gallery. :-D

In the image below, the center photograph is the last item viewed in the slideshow, so has been marked with an asterisk icon:

The icon background and foreground colors may be customized separately from other icons appearing on the grid, allowing the icon to standout and be noticed.

The options for Slideshow Tracking setup are:

These options are mostly self-explanatory. The feature can by enabled/disabled, and tooltip text may be set for the icon. Colors may be overridden to make the icon standout from the others to be more easily noticed. And the icon may be … Bejazzled?!?!

Bejazzling makes the icon super loud, utilizing an array of colors and CSS animations to create a strobing, pulsating icon that simply refuses to be ignored. It may be gaudy, but it dares to be seen!

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