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Social Networking in CE3

The CE3 framework provides some basic implementations for social networking. Broadly, we may break these implementations into two parts: Open Graph Protocol & Twitter Card, and Social Networking Profile Icons. See below for details.

Open Graph Protocol & Twitter Card

Enabling this feature will insert social networking metadata into the head of your page or gallery for use by Facebook and Twitter. This data includes URL, album title and description, a representative image, the name of your site, etc.

When your link is shared on Facebook or Twitter, this data is used to generate a preview “card”.

On Facebook:

On Twitter:

To populate this data, CE3 engines will use your Page Titles, Album Title and Album Description. If no Album Description is supplied, then the Album Title will be used as the description as well. Depending on the circumstance, the image used will either be the “page image” assigned to the block content, or the first image appearing in your gallery.

Take note, enabling this feature will cause your pages to export as PHP documents.

Social Networking Profile Icons

Also under the Social Networking heading of controls, you can setup icons linking to your social networking profiles for Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and an icon for your blog's RSS feed.

We realize this is not a comprehensive list, and that users may wish to include links to additional sites like Flickr, 500px, Model Mayhem, etc. ad nauseam … We cannot possibly hope to keep up with each month's flavor of social networking. If you need more than what's on offer here, we encourage you to download and implement your own set of icons via PHPlugins . We will provide some tutorials showing how you might do this.

To use the icons we've built in, just paste your profile addresses into the provided fields:

You may also customize the color for each icon. By default, we use the original brand color for each network. But if you want to make them all yellow to suit your design, you can do that … The icons are not image files, but font-based vectors. This allows us to change the color of each icon, and allows the icons to scale prettily for Retina and other HiDPI displays.

Links will open automatically in new browser tabs. Enabling these icons will not cause your pages to export as PHP documents, so may be safely used on pages you'd like to export as HTML.

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