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TTG CE3 Stage Changelog

v5.1.7 ( in development )

  • Fixed media query discrepancy for the masthead when positioned as background element in multi-level navigation container, which caused the masthead to disappear between screen-widths 992-to-1024-pixels.

v5.1.6 ( 2014-02-19 )

  • Bug fix: Images in the Galleria slideshow, when positioned within the block, inherit image borders and padding from the block's inline image settings.
  • Hacked Photoswipe JS in an attempt to solve various geriatric problems, for Android users in particular.
  • Removed Photoswipe's “Allow User Zoom” option, which has aged poorly.

v5.1.5 ( 2013-11-16 )

  • Improved support for social media sharing:
    • Improved button for Email sharing.
    • Twitter buttons now supported in the mobile layout.
    • Updated structure of services' URLs for sharing.
  • Updated core styling for social profile icons.
  • Updated Galleria JS to 1.3.2. Includes:
    • improved animations.
    • improved interaction.
    • improved touch support.
  • Updated Photoswipe implementation.
    • Now running custom version of Photoswipe, designated
    • captionAndToolbarFlipPosition now defaults to true and cannot be changed (UI at the top, caption at the bottom). This is because the lower portion of the screen is no longer an interactive area in iOS7; option removed to prevent users from inadvertently creating a UI conflict between the gallery navigation and Mobile Safari in iOS7.
    • Removed “Switch Caption and Toolbar” (captionAndToolbarFlipPosition) option (see previous bullet point).
    • Implemented workaround for a bug observed in Android 4.3, using Mobile Chrome 30.0.1599.92 which prevented swipe navigation from working in the Photoswipe gallery.
    • Fix for 'fitNoUpscale' on Apple iOS retina displays (Github).
    • Fix for iOS7 GestureEvent detection (Github).
    • Improved mouse and touch event handling (Github).

v5.1.4 ( 2013-09-26 )

  • Added support for CE3 Cart.
    • “Cart Awareness” allows the status bar to appear on the blog when a visitor has items in their shopping cart, allowing them access to checkout.
    • “Write-in Button” support, allowing you to code add-to-cart buttons on pages and in posts.
  • Fixed longstanding error in handling of the “Blog” navigation hyperlink.
  • Minor changes to UI styling for Galleria slideshow.
  • Tightened the mobile redirect script.

v5.1.3 ( 2013-08-01 )

  • Bug fix: Mobile 'Home' page navigation could break under some configurations when using the Full-screen “Flip” Gallery as Home.
  • Bug fix: Photoswipe overlay background color.
  • Bug fix: Typo in list-style-type selector, “Katakana-iroha”; I know a lot of you were really freaking out about it.
  • Bug fix: Typo in source code for the “Pin It” share button.
  • Changed: Default favicon now a shared resource.
  • Changed: Disallow hiding of navigation and the block at small resolutions if IE and lt-ie9; prevents odd and inconsistent instances of disappearing menus in IE8.
  • Fixed: In Firefox, social sharing buttons sometimes inherited the wrong color in the :visited state.
  • Improved: Compatibility for drop-menu indicators in IE10, IE9 and IE8.
  • Plugin name and version now included in meta:generator tag to better enable us to identify problems when performing tech-support.
  • Removed: All instances of the hgroup element, which has been dropped from the HTML5 specification.
  • Updated: ce3-core.css styles relating to navigation to play nice with the CE3 Theme for WordPress work-in-progress.
  • Updated: Font Awesome 3.2.1 (various minor bug fixes).

v5.1.2 ( 2013-06-27 )

  • Changed: The “Email” share button previously populated the email body with a fixed English-language message. Now populates the body only with the Album Title and URL, which I think better accommodates our international users, without impacting our English-speaking users in any significant way.
  • Changed: On export, the “phplugins” folder is now named “phplugins-sample”.
    • Updated documentation with instructions to change the folder name for deployment.
  • Fixed: in some configurations, the block would attempt to render twice in the mobile gallery, throwing PHP errors.
  • Fixed: HTML5 Video width/height issues in IE9.
  • Improved: HTML5 Video fallback to Flash for browsers not supporting the <video> element.
  • Note: If Vimeo playback fails in IE9, please update to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Visitors to your site will also need to be running an adequate version of Flash Player, if not the latest. (which is to say, failed Vimeo playback in IE9 is not a TTG problem.)
  • Updated: MediaElement JS now 2.12.0.

v5.1.1 ( 2013-06-14 )

  • Bug fix: Font Awesome envelope (filled/unfilled) icons were switched in Font Awesome 3.2.0; we're using the filled version again.
  • Bug fix: Showing wrong version number.

v5.1.0 ( 2013-06-13 )

  • Added helper text and documentation link to the “Get shared resources …” option.
  • Added support for Share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Email.
  • Bug fix: Publisher templates' return for PHP constant “CURRENTPAGELOCATION” was incorrect in paginated galleries for pages subsequent from the first.
  • Bug fix: Publisher templates' return for PHP constant “PAGEIMAGE” was inconsistent with exported galleries.
  • Changed “collapse” button for Galleria slideshow controls on mobile; now uses one of the new icons in Font Awesome 3.2.0.
  • Default favicon now supports Retina-caliber displays.
  • Updated to Font Awesome 3.2.0.
    • 58 new icons.
  • Social media bar updates:
    • Added Tumblr icon.
    • New Instagram icon.
    • Reordered the appearance of social media icons for a more natural color progression.
    • Replaced individual icon color pickers with a single, all-encompassing color picker.
    • The “Social Networking” control group is renamed “Social Media Integration”.

v5.0.1 ( 2013-06-04 )

  • Added helper text to the “On Mobile” UI under Output Settings.
  • Allow replacement of the block image with Galleria slideshow.
  • Changed defaults:
    • “Catch iPhones, Androids, other handhelds” and “Catch iPads” now disabled by default, as the mobile gallery isn't really necessary (the Galleria slideshow doesn't need it, the Full-screen “Flip” gallery can use Galleria as mobile fallback, and the other modes don't use the mobile gallery at all).
    • Full-screen “Flip” Gallery set to use Galleria slideshow a mobile fallback by default.
  • New option in Appearance > Page: Staging > Gallery/Embed Style > CE3 Standard control group. The option is “Override Block Position on Mobile” and allows position of the block to be determined separately from its position in the standard page view.
  • Recoded and simplified implementation of the block image to make better use of our updated responsive grid framework.

v5.0.0 ( 2013-05-30 )

  • Public launch of CE3 Stage.
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