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Galleria Slideshow

An inline slideshow option, supports display of thumbnails and captions, and works well on tablets and mobile with support for swipe navigation.

To use, in the Color Palette control pane set Page Type as “CE3 Standard”:

In the Appearance control pane, in the Page: Staging control group set Gallery/Embed Style as “Galleria Slideshow”:


You will be able to set colors, border, padding, etc. These are fairly obvious, so I'll not waste time explaining them. For those options worthy of explanation, explainations follow.

Autoplay / Interval
Automatically starts and advances the slideshow. The slider value is in milliseconds (1000ms = 1 second) and is the length of time the slideshow will hold an image before moving on to the next. To disable autoplay, set this value to zero (0).

Transition Speed
Defines the speed of the transition between images.

Clicking the slideshow stage will advance the slideshow forward.

Toggles the image pan effect.

Prevents Galleria from upscaling images beyond 100% scale.

Toggles if Galleria should stop playing if the user navigates.

Shows the image count – ex. 1/10 – in the info overlay. Requires that showInfo also be enabled.

Toggles the Full-screen button for the slideshow.

Toggles Next/Previous navigation arrows.

Toggles the info overlay (image titles, captions and counter).

Toggles the Play and Pause buttons for the slideshow.

Toggles display of thumbnails.

Sets how Galleria should crop when in fullscreen mode.

Defines how Galleria will crop the image.

Sets a different transition on the the first image.

Defines a different transition when a touch device is detected.

Defines what transition to use.

Width / Aspect Ratio Numerator & Height / Aspect Ratio Denominator
Determines the size and shape of the slideshow.

If set to “auto”, the slideshow will occupy the full width of its container; the provided values will operate as aspect ratio. For example, the default values of 600-by-400 will be a 6:4 aspect ratio. You may set any aspect ratio, such as 16:9, 3:2, 2:1, etc.

If set to “fixed”, the width and height values will be used as pixel measurements to set the maximum size of the slideshow. For example, the default values of 600-by-400 mean the slideshow will never be more than 600px wide by 400px tall, even when more space is available.

Both “auto” and “fixed” slideshows are responsive and will resize on smaller displays, such as on phones. When scaled, slideshows will maintain their aspect ratio.


The Galleria slideshow does not support the use of quotation marks or line-breaks in captions. The occurrence of either quotation marks or line-breaks will cause the slideshow to fail completely; it will not render on the page at all.

You may include quotation marks in your captions if you escape them. This is performed by fronting all occurrences of quotation marks with a backslash. For example, to use this text as a caption:

Kompong Phluk, "harbor of the tusks" in Cambodia.

… we must escape the quotation marks in this way:

Kompong Phluk, \"harbor of the tusks\" in Cambodia.
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