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 ====== Template Compatibility ====== ====== Template Compatibility ======
 +Every template corresponds to a specific web engine. To use that template, you must have that web engine installed. For example, you cannot load a template for TTG CE3 Gallery if you do not have TTG CE3 Gallery installed.
 +Our templates are named to indicate to which engine they correspond. For example, the template "CE3 Asphalt - Gallery" belongs to the Asphalt theme and corresponds to TTG CE3 Gallery. The "CE3 Asphalt - Pages" template also belongs to the Asphalt theme, but corresponds to TTG CE3 Pages.
 +To transfer settings from one template to another for use with a different web engine, see our tutorial [[ Share Templates Between Engines ]]. Though I will endeavor to cover all of our CE3 engines within each theme pack.
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