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Web Module 101: The Basics

We being photographers wanting to publish our images to the Web, the Lightroom 4 Web module presents a unique platform from which to achieve our stated goal.

Most web-development platforms begin with the page, then hang images within that page like so many ornaments on a pre-existing tree. Lightroom's Web module begins with our images, then builds the page around them; images are the very seeds from which our pages are grown. This is a fundamental departure from common web-development, one that specifically and uniquely addresses the needs of an image-centric, photographic workflow. And this makes the Web module an excellent tool for photographers to create and maintain their websites.

Defined in the most basic terms, the Web module allows photographers to publish a group of selected images in a web photo gallery.

Lightroom 4 ships with five installed web engines, a.k.a Layout Styles, four of them Flash-based and one written in HTML4. These are:

Airtight AutoViewer
Airtight PostcardViewer
Airtight SimpleViewer
Lightroom Flash Gallery
Lightroom HTML Gallery

If you've been paying attention the last few years, then you no doubt know that Flash will not run on iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad, or on Android devices running Android OS 4.1 or newer. And with an increasingly significant share of web-browsing happening on such devices, we can immediately discard the first four engines from that list. That leaves us with the Lightroom HTML Gallery, which … well, let's not mince words: It sucks. It's barebones and it dresses like it's living in 1998.

And that leaves us with nothing out-of-the-box, and immediately devalues the Web module. This is sad, because the Web module is actually a really incredible tool. Luckily, third-party developers may be called upon to fill the Web module with newfound purpose!

The Turning Gate is proudly one of the most prominent developers of third-party web engines, having been recognized by Adobe, Photoshop User Magazine and prominent photographers such as Terry White and Lee Varis; The Turning Gate has also been featured in a variety of magazines and books, both in the United States and abroad — including The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2/3/4 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers by Martin Evening, and French photo magazine Le Monde de la Photo.

Anatomy of the Web Module

The Web module is divided into into several sections. Here we isolate those sections for closer examination.

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