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TTG CE3 Gallery Changelog

v5.2.4 ( in development )

  • Fixed media query discrepancy for the masthead when positioned as background element in multi-level navigation container, which caused the masthead to disappear between screen-widths 992-to-1024-pixels.

v5.2.3 ( 2013-02-19 )

  • Bug fix: Enabling cart support flips PHP switch in manifest.
  • Fixed image download links always targeting .jpg, even then configured for .tif.
  • Hacked Photoswipe JS in an attempt to solve various geriatric problems, for Android users in particular.
  • Removed Photoswipe's “Allow User Zoom” option, which has aged poorly.
  • Updated script for cart integration; adds not-for-sale support for the cart icon in the large image view of Highslide.

v5.2.2 ( 2013-11-16 )

  • Added cart status alignment option for the CE3 Cart status bar.
  • Improved support for social media sharing:
    • Improved button for Email sharing.
    • Twitter buttons now supported in the mobile layout.
    • Updated structure of services' URLs for sharing.
  • Minor update to mixed pricing support.
  • Updated core styling for social profile icons.
  • Updated Photoswipe implementation.
    • Now running custom version of Photoswipe, designated
    • captionAndToolbarFlipPosition now defaults to true and cannot be changed (UI at the top, caption at the bottom). This is because the lower portion of the screen is no longer an interactive area in iOS7; option removed to prevent users from inadvertently creating a UI conflict between the gallery navigation and Mobile Safari in iOS7.
    • Removed “Switch Caption and Toolbar” (captionAndToolbarFlipPosition) option (see previous bullet point).
    • Implemented workaround for a bug observed in Android 4.3, using Mobile Chrome 30.0.1599.92 which prevented swipe navigation from working in the Photoswipe gallery.
    • Fix for 'fitNoUpscale' on Apple iOS retina displays (Github).
    • Fix for iOS7 GestureEvent detection (Github).
    • Improved mouse and touch event handling (Github).

v5.2.1 ( 2013-09-26 )

  • Fixed longstanding error in handling of the “Blog” navigation hyperlink.
  • Improved grid icon display logic for mobile layout when conditions are cart-enabled, maps-enabled, pinterest-disabled.
  • Improved size and spacing of icons in the mobile layout.
  • Improved styling of tracking icon when in mobile layout.
  • Updated scripts for cart integration.
  • Tightened the mobile redirect script.

v5.2.0 ( 2013-09-03 )

  • Added support for CE3 Cart.

v5.1.4 ( rolled into 5.2.0 )

  • Minor styling adjustments to metadata appearing on thumbnail grid.

v5.1.3 ( 2013-08-01 )

  • Added: Fotomoto e-commerce support (it's back!).
  • Bug fix: Highslide breaks when Tooltips are disabled.
  • Bug fix: Typo in list-style-type selector, “Katakana-iroha”; I know a lot of you were really freaking out about it.
  • Bug fix: Typo in source code for the “Pin It” share button.
  • Changed: Default favicon now a shared resource.
  • Changed: Disallow hiding of navigation and the block at small resolutions if IE and lt-ie9; prevents odd and inconsistent instances of disappearing menus in IE8.
  • Changed: Retooled the padding calculations for metadata appearing on the grid in Masonry layout.
  • Fixed: In Firefox, social sharing buttons sometimes inherited the wrong color in the :visited state.
  • Improved: Compatibility for drop-menu indicators in IE10, IE9 and IE8.
  • Improved: Minor improvement to Google Maps URL construction.
  • Plugin name and version now included in meta:generator tag to better enable us to identify problems when performing tech-support.
  • Removed: All instances of the hgroup element, which has been dropped from the HTML5 specification.
  • Updated: ce3-core.css styles relating to navigation to play nice with the CE3 Theme for WordPress work-in-progress.
  • Updated: Font Awesome 3.2.1 (various minor bug fixes).

v5.1.2 ( 2013-06-27 )

  • Changed: The “Email” share button previously populated the email body with a fixed English-language message. Now populates the body only with the Album Title and URL, which I think better accommodates our international users, without impacting our English-speaking users in any significant way.
  • Changed: On export, the “phplugins” folder is now named “phplugins-sample”.
    • Updated documentation with instructions to change the folder name for deployment.

v5.1.1 ( 2013-06-14 )

  • Bug fix: Font Awesome envelope (filled/unfilled) icons were switched in Font Awesome 3.2.0; we're using the filled version again.
  • Bug fix: Specific feature configurations could result in errors and failed page rendering when using CE3 Standard layout in a publisher template.

v5.1.0 ( 2013-06-13 )

  • Added helper text and documentation link to the “Get shared resources …” option.
  • Added Pinterest “Pin It” buttons to gallery images.
  • Added support for Share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Email.
  • Bug fix: Publisher templates' return for PHP constant “CURRENTPAGELOCATION” was incorrect in paginated galleries for pages subsequent from the first.
  • Bug fix: Publisher templates' return for PHP constant “PAGEIMAGE” was inconsistent with exported galleries.
  • Default favicon now supports Retina-caliber displays.
  • Recoded and simplified implementation of the block image to make better use of our updated responsive grid framework.
  • Removed Fotomoto support (read about it).
  • Updated to Font Awesome 3.2.0.
    • 58 new icons.
  • Social media bar updates:
    • Added Tumblr icon.
    • New Instagram icon.
    • Reordered the appearance of social media icons for a more natural color progression.
    • Replaced individual icon color pickers with a single, all-encompassing color picker.
    • The “Social Networking” control group is renamed “Social Media Integration”.

v5.0.7 ( 2013-05-30 )

  • Beginning to implement UI elements for CE3 Cart support.
  • Bug fix: Apostrophes now usable in page titles.
  • Bug fix: Error in scaffolding.css for .container_12 .pull_4.
  • Publisher templates now trigger PHP source inclusion.
  • Removed “Max Scale” from Mobile Options control group; it caused problems.

v5.0.6 ( 2013-05-15 )

  • Added classes to the responsive grid framework: .collapse, .collapse_top, .collapse_bottom.
  • Bug fix: In the Highslide thumbstrip, thumbnails were being set to height:auto.
  • Updated to Font Awesome 3.1.1.
    • 54 new icons.
    • flipping and rotating icons
    • icon stacking styles

v5.0.5 ( 2013-05-03 )

  • Added “Max Scale” slider to On Mobile options in Output Settings; setting to a value greater than 1 allows content to be pinched-and-zoomed on mobile. Experimental; may be removed in future versions if found to cause conflict with other functionality.
  • Added customization options for Username, Password and Login labels for protected galleries.
  • Bug fix: multi-level navigation carets improperly terminated.
  • Bug fix: for Safari, removed rounded corners on form inputs.
  • Fixed gallery centering in mobile gallery when not using the CE3-Standard layout for the grid.
  • Fixed login with Master credentials for password protected galleries when using Publisher.
  • Updated Font Awesome 3.0 to 3.0.2:
    • v3.0.1 - much improved rendering in webkit, various bugfixes
    • v3.0.2 - much improved rendering and alignment in IE7
  • Updated HTML declarations following DOCTYPE.
  • Updated scaffolding:
    • better image handling for IE8 and below.
    • improved grid framework.
    • integrated normalize.css.
    • optimized form styles.

v5.0.4 ( 2013-04-03 )

  • Added “Interface Shadows” option to Highslide setup, allowing shadows to be removed from the slideshow interface.
  • Changed all instances of max-width:auto to the more valid max-width:none.
  • Drop-down indicators are now hidden in IE9 and below.
  • Fixed Photoswipe “blank screen” issue in IE8.
  • Fixed text-align property for text-based mastheads.
  • Fotomoto was previously “soft-disabled” in mobile galleries; now more blatantly disabled.
  • Set form input font-size equal to paragraph font-size, as set in Typography.
  • Styling optimizations.

v5.0.3 silent hotfix ( 2013-03-26 )

  • Fixed issue: E-commerce icons fail to display during Highslide slideshow when grid icons are disabled.

v5.0.3 ( 2013-03-25 )

  • Fixed Google Maps issue for CE3-Standard/Iconic publisher galleries introduced in the 5.0.2 update.
  • Fixed issue in publisher galleries where having the block enabled, but empty would break the collapsing script.
  • Fixed downloadable image issue where file extensions were output as “nil”.
  • Recoded Highslide auto-play to be leaner.
  • Added Cell Padding slider to CE3-Iconic layout controls for gallery thumbnails.
  • Added Font-family and Font-size controls for thumbnail metadata display; font-family also applies to Highslide headings and captions.
  • Added Drunken Thumbnails option.
  • Plugin UI refinement.

v5.0.2 ( 2013-03-20 )

  • Added options to control whether the block is collapsible, as in TTG CE3 Pages.
  • Minor fix for mobile permalink support introduced in 5.0.1.
  • Moved IE conditions to just above </head> so that CSS media queries implemented via PHPlugins will be acted upon by respond.js for older IE versions.
  • New mobile navigation type “Naturally Collapsible” combines the “Collapsible” and “Natural” navigation layouts into something quite nice for reigning in the navigational chaos of drop-down menus.
  • Permalinks are now supported in all gallery contexts:
    • Highslide and Photoswipe galleries
    • Traditional export-and-upload and publisher-managed galleries
    • Password protected galleries
    • All galleries now export as PHP when permalinks are enabled.
    • Permalinks will open the specified image in mobile galleries, though permalink buttons are not available in mobile layouts.
  • Recoded carets for drop-down navigation; should now be possible to use Font Awesome in navigation labels without script freakout occurring.
  • Recoded responsive navigation to unify styling for “Collapsible” and “Natural” navigation layouts, for both “Single-level” and “Multi-level” navigation types, to tighten the code-base and to make the navigation designs more consistent.
  • Recoded UI design for icons appearing on grid items.
    • New Icon Offset, Icon Size, Icon Spacing and Icon Border-radius sliders in Grid Icons control group.
  • Repaired Text-align (collapsed) option in Navigation Items setup.
  • Tweaked UI design of Highslide controls in the large image views.
  • Changed <p class="p-nav menu"> to <p class="p-nav menu clearfix"> in both header.html and phplugins.php files.
  • Added a max-width of 748px to Photoswipe captions to prevent them sprawling unreadably across wide displays.
  • Added text-align options for captions and headings; separate controls for Highslide and Photoswipe.
  • Added “Robots (Privacy)” option to Page Setup; when enabled, includes <meta name="robots" content="noarchive, noindex, nofollow" />, instructing search engines not to cache, index or follow links from the page.
  • Old dog, new trick: using <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /> to force better behavior from IE9.
  • Updated the Highslide configuration for mobile.
  • Paragraph font-family applies to input text.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements.

v5.0.1 ( 2013-03-12 )

  • Image permalinks now redirect properly and open the specified images on mobile devices, for TTG CE3 Publisher managed galleries only.
  • New option “Mobile Navigation Type” allows a choice of navigation styles for mobile devices.
  • Apply font-weight and text-transform to menu items when collapsed.
  • Added option to set text-align for menu items when collapsed.
  • Added “Display Buffer” and “Mobile Display Buffer” sliders.
  • Added option for Photoswipe, “Allow User Zoom”.
  • Added “ALBUMTITLE” PHP constant.
  • New minimum width for 'fixed' width Social Networking Core: 50px.
  • When Navigation Type: Multi-level, gallery now collapses up to 1024px viewport width; this allows the menu to be collapsed on landscape-orientation iPads to eliminate the problem where clicking the parent menu will trigger the hyperlink rather than displaying the hover-event child-navigation. When Navigation Type: Single-level, landscape-orientation iPads will continue to display the navigation as for larger displays.
  • Swapped position of Instagram and Pinterest controls in the UI to reflect sequence of appearance on the page.
  • Fixed empty metadata interfering with gallery layout in CE3-Standard publisher templates.
  • Removed the option to fetch the latest jQuery from online repository. It was found to be causing problems with some configuration, making it more trouble than it's worth. Between shared resources with TTG CE3 Pages and TTG CE3 Publisher, there's plenty of resource-related performance boosting without the problems this brings.

v5.0.0 ( 2013-03-03 )

  • Public launch.
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