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Informative baubles that don't fit elsewhere in the documentation …

Modding Highslide for use in an iframe

Users sometimes attempt to embed TTG galleries into existing pages, or into blog posts. First let me say that TTG galleries are designed as standalone pages, and are not designed to be used in this context. Still, that seems not to stop people from jamming them into iframes. Let me also say iframes should be avoided for several reasons, including poor search engine optimization and bad translation to the mobile context.

But for those who are stuck with iframes, Highslide author Torstein Honsi has created a mod that shows how to make a thumbnail image in an iframe launch Highslide in the parent page, avoiding the problem in which Highslide opens images only within the space of the frame. Study the comments and the code in the source code of both the parent and the iframe document here.

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