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 ====== Loading the Filmstrip ====== ====== Loading the Filmstrip ======
-In getting started with TTG CE3 Pages, your first step should be to create a collection containing images you wish to appear on your pagesLoading the filmstrip with images is important! TTG CE3 Pages requires at least 6 images in the filmstrip, more if you want to have a gallery on your Home page.+In previous versions of TTG CE3 Pages, it was necessary to load the filmstrip with at least six images in a specific order, representing the pages on which you would like each image to appear. As of TTG CE3 Pages 6.0.6, this is no longer the case. You may load any number of images into the filmstrip in any order.
-By default, the first six images are assigned each to one of your pagesin the order Home, Galleries, Services, Info, About and ContactImages assigned to these pages //will not// appear in your Home page gallery.+  * By default, no images will be assigned to your pages; all images will appear in the Home page image gallery. 
 +  * You may use the image controls in the Color Palette control pane to assign images to "the block" section of each page; images thus assigned will be removed from the Home page image gallery. 
 +  * You may use the "... Page: Staging > Still Image" controls in the Appearance control pane to assign images to "the grid" section of each page; images thus assigned will be removed from the Home page image gallery.
-From the seventh image onward, images will be used for your Home page gallery. 
-If you are not using a particular page, or if there is no image on that page, then you should still assign an image to your filmstrip to act as a placeholder. 
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