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the Galleries page

The Galleries page is special. Like other pages, you may add an image and text via the content controls in the Color Palette control pane. But the real star of the page is the auto index, which indexes your image galleries and makes them navigable for visitors.

Several layouts are available for the gallery index; above, you can see the “Descriptive” layout. You may change and customize the grid layout in the Appearance pane, in the Galleries Page: Staging section (pictured below).

The images appearing on the page within the Lightroom preview are from the filmstrip and are used as stand-in images to provide you a visual aid while designing your page. When you export and upload to your website, the Galleries page will be empty until you upload real image galleries to the /galleries folder or via TTG CE3 Publisher. The page will then populate automatically with your image galleries.

The Galleries page is built on our auto index script. For more information about how that operates, please cross-reference the TTG CE3 Auto Index documentation.

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